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October 2019

Hyde Park Club SAHPA Fundraiser  sale w/s 13/10

SAHPA Top 30 Flyers for 2019 Fundraiser sale w/s 20/10

Racing Results Archive!!

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2019/20 Pairings
Group1 Lofts Distance Lines
Our stock from this family are based on many top SAHPA lofts including Allen Goodger, John Pryor, Greg Hamilton, Jim Marafiote and Jack Hicks
Pictures of our Group 1 Distance Stock with full pedigrees available

Magic Princess
Red Rock
Outback Red
Crown Prince
Little Maestro
The Goods
Princess Cut
Hard Nut
Imperial Force
Pretty 35
Marathon Man
Brother Yulara
Red Centre
Double Gold
All By Myself
Pretty Close
Pretty Pied
March Cock

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Group 1 Lofts Distance Lines
Pairings 2019/20

PRICE LIST 2019 on application
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Janssen & Van Loon Family

Leo Heremans Pictures of our Stock

Harry Pedigree
Sally Pedigree
Amelia Pedigree
Roy Pedigree
Janice Pedigree
Erin Pedigree
Master Luke
Blue Beauty


PRICE LIST on application
Leo Heremans
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Gaby Vandenabeele
Pictures of our stock
Good Kadet
Mr Consistent
Double Dip
Myrtle Miss
Dark Myrtle

GABY PRICE LIST 2019 on application
Gaby Vandenabeele
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Gerard Koopman
Pictures of our stock
Silky Smooth
Byron Boy

KOOPMAN PRICE LIST 2019 on application
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Photo Gallery
View some of the champion birds which are directly related to our stock.

(click on links below)

Goldmine Cock

pryor ref a
goodger 53 x 60
power of one hen
pryor ref c
pryor ref e
 pryor 1st coob
pryor 1st alice 90
pryor 1st alice 84
pryor 1st benalla
pryor 1st emmdale
pryor 1st coleamb
pryor 2nd coleamb
paterson 1st tem
pryor lot 128
pryor eyes
pryor lot 1
pretty hen
paterson hen
son1st coleambally

vintage crop

The Goodger Story
By John Capel
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Long Distance Superstar
By Tim Fawcett
Australian Racing Pigeon
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Sydney Gold Ring Race Details 2020
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At Group 1 lofts we have sourced the best stock available from around the world and around our country  to obtain superior winning bloodlines. We race in the strong SAHPA competition and have achieved many top results over the past two decades.

Our Bloodlines include the following premium lines: Leo Heremans with 10 direct imported birds responsible already for top prizes
within the strong SAHPA Competition, The Group 1 Distance lines based on  The Allen Goodger/John Pryor & Greg Hamilton families all names synonomous with success in the strong SAHPA competition. The famous Janssen and Van Loon families with many super performers in competition around Australia and our Euro Performance collection with  famous Euro lines of Gaby Vandenabeele and Gerard Koopman that have been and are currently winning across Australia and the globe. 

6 x 10 Bird Race Teams for sale from top NSW Fancier Greg Jack located in Newcastle, Greg's birds are performing exceptionally well across Australia. Limited to 6 teams only and Price is $1000 for a team of 10, plus shipping to any airport in Australia.  To order a team contact Greg Jack on M: 0400 941 003
On Now & Ending Sunday 20th October, Hyde Park Club SAHPA Fundraiser offer 26 top class birds from some of the best lofts in SA.  The club has birds from many of their own top members plus some donations from other top SAHPA fanciers, some top quality on offer.  More details to follow on all the birds.
Lot 1: PP 13 815 BCC-David Walker -Triple winner for D&B Cunningham in 2014 & 15.  1st Cooke Plains and 1st club & NAHPA Horsham 550 km in 2014 & 15.  Sire is all top distance lines and related to Grange.  Dam is a combination of imported distance lines with G Paterson Goodger lines.  Top cock birds in all aspects.  Pedigree>>

Lot 2:  SA 17 09268 BCPC-Madigan Lofts.  Both parents from the late Ken Watson sale and related to his Alice Springs winning lines.  Very nice type.  Pedigree>>

Lot 3:  SA 18 23701 BBC-Frank Magro.  Sire is brother to 1st Keith and related to Canberra winner.  Dam is from B Andrewartha and was 29th SAHPA LDC Alice Springs and a daughter of 19th SAHPA Marla. Top distance lines.  Pedigree>>

Lot 4:  SA 18 26742 BCC-Tim Fawcett- Koopman x Heremans. Late bred and retained. Sire is Koopman from top lines via G Hamilton. Dam is all Heremans and is from top hen from J Stig who produced 2 x 2nd CCF for J Borg CCF.  Pedigree>>

Lot 5:  LM 18 1101- Warren March.  Koopman x Heremans. Sire is direct son of No 1 Koopman pair who have bred top birds all across Australia.  Dam is all Heremans from top Ponderosa stock.  Pedigree>>

Lot 6:  HIGH 12 0956 BBPENC-Perry Burton.  Top producing cock of Kees Bosua lines.  Sire of 3x1st club and 4 x top 30 SAHPA places for P Burton.  G/sire of 3 top 30 SAHPA places and he is retaining a son, dtr and g/dtr for stock. Down from top imported lines.  Pedigree>>

Lot 7:  SA 17 07349 BCC-Frank Magro.  From Frank's top family. Sire is brother to 1st SAHPA LDC Gunning, 2nd SAHPA Coober Pedy, 5th SAHPA Holbrook etc.  Dam produced 1st Cowangie.  Pedigree>>

Lot 8:  SA 14 11096 BBC-R&D Somerville.  Bred by R Stasinowsky.  Is bred from top producing son of 2nd SAHPA LDC Canberra when paired to 1st SAHPA LDC Alice Springs. Dam is from the late Frank Van Doeslaar from Country Vic who had top distance birds.  Pedigree>>

Lot 9:  AUST 10 21973 BCC-David Walker.  Original G Hamilton. G/sire of 2nd SAHPA Ouyen 5 B Spec & 2nd SAHPA Deniliquin.  Sire is a direct son of top Van Loon pair Proteche & Dynasty. Dam is a daughter of the top pair Hofman & The Pet Hen.  Top lines. Pedigree>>

Lot 10:  LM 17 0486 BBC-Andrewartha & March. Heremans x Van Loon/Janssen.  Sire is top Heremans cock who has produced 8th SAHPA Glendambo YBC 2018.  Dam is all down from top Ponderosa Janssen/Van Loon lines.   Nestmate brother to 8th SAHPA Glendambo YBC.  Pedigree>>

Lot 11:  LM 15 1093 BCC-David Walker. Houben x Heremans.  Sire is from Cook & Edwards and direct son of 1st SAHPA Lyndhurst YBC against 4505 b.  Dam is all Houben and g/dtr of Cinaloha & Aces Jewel.   Pedigree>>

Lot 12:  SA 16 17077 White C-George Pavloudis.  Contains all of the late K Saggers top White birds which were Busschaert line.  Pedigree>>

Lot 13:  SA 18 08738 BCPC-John Jarzabek.  Sire is all Pryor/Goodger and a son of 3rd SAHPA LDC Alice Springs.  Dam is all top imported long distance lines and is from direct imports.  Pedigree>>

Lot 14:  SA 16 28272 BCC-Bronte Andrewartha.  (old ring bred Jan 2018). Sire is half brother to 1st SAHPA LDC Alice Springs 2017 and related to 1st SAHPA LDC Gunning.  Dam is half sister to 1st SAHPA LDC Alice Springs 2017 and has produced well already.  Heavily bred around the Alice winner.  Pedigree>>

Lot 15:  SA 15 09581 BCPC-Rennie Vella.  Gaby x Flor Engels. Original Fred Dimella and direct son of 1st SAHPA The Twins Special. Top lines. Pedigree>>

Lot 16:  SA 18 08739 BCPC-John Jarzabek.  Sire is all Pryor/Goodger and is a direct son of 3rd SAHPA LDC Alice Springs. Dam is all top imported distance lines bred from direct imports.  Top lines.  Pedigree>>

Lot 17:  SA 16 22382 BGRZPC-Lee Abbott.  3rd club Carrieton. Sire is a direct son of Lee's top Grizzle hen when paired to sire of G Hodgins 1st Alice and has already bred 1st club Mt Gambier.  Dam is from G Hamilton and is bred from top Van Loon pair Phantom & Silvia and has been an outstanding breeder for Lee.  Pedigree>>

Lot 18:  SA 18 26267 BBH-Rayment & Andrewartha.  all Gaby x Heremans lines. Bred from a half brother x sister mating from the Syndicate cock & Zander Hen. Related to 1st SAHPA Open Parachilna for G Rayment, regally bred.  Pedigree>>

Lot 19:  SA 16 04364 BCH-Bob Huff.  Daughter of 1st SAHPA Moulamein for Bob.  Sire is all top Dangerfield lines and bred 1st SAHPA Deniliquin. Dam was 1st SAHPA Moulamein and is Goodger x Dangerfield lines, top long distance hard day lines.  Pedigree>>

Lot 20:  SA 16 22500 BCH-Lee Abbott.  Line bred to Lee's 1st SAHPA Holbrook only bird in SAHPA on day of release. With both parents being grandchildren of this champion hen.  Top lines.  Pedigree>>

Lot 21:  SA 14 09623 BBH-George Pavloudis.  both parents purchased from Lindsay Smith and all his top Busschaert lines.  Pedigree>>

Lot 22:  SA 18 12091 Silver Bar H-Dennis Shaw.  Flown in 2019 to Marla 980 km.  Sire is all Van Loon Janssen lines via J Cock. Dam is daughter of Dennis' No 1 cock who has sired 23 SAHPA places.  Pedigree>>

Lot 23:  SA 17 15990 BBH-G&L Harris.  G/dtr of 1st SAHPA Marla. Sire is direct son of B Croft Warrnambool 1000 km winner and is all imported distance lines.  Dam is a daughter of 1st SAHPA Marla when paired to 13th SAHPA Warrnambool via M Bruggemann. 

Lot 24:  SA 16 13472 BCPH-Madigan Lofts.  Both parents purchased from the late K Watson sale. Sire is closely related to 1st Alice Springs, with dam being a g/dtr of 1st Alice.  Pedigree>>

Lot 25:  SA 16 18920 BCH-Nenad Stojakovic.  34th SAHPA Benalla 2018 & 36th SAHPA Benalla 2019.  Sire was twice SAHPA placed on the SE line and is a G/son of Nenads No 1 cock bird.  Dam is top race hen who was 1st SAHPA Ouyen in 2015 and is all top Pryor lines. Pedigree>>

Lot 26:  SA 17 12720 BBH-Greg Hodgins.  Sire is all top Pryor lines and related to 1st & 2nd Alice Springs.  Dam is from G Hamilton and a daughter of top pair Alpha & Vintage Crop sister to Formula 1 top producer.  Pedigree>>

Listed below are some of our top Group 1 Van Loon Janssen stock, young birds will be available of the birds below:

top hen Miss Jasmine still looking a picture at 9yrs of age. A top racer and breeder for us..

Little Jazzy, nice young daughter retained for stock from Miss Jasmine

New Sensation, daughter of Flits 53 & Sensation new to our breeding lofts.

Double Strike-Super Hen who was 1st & 2nd SAHPA

Silver Dolly has been an outstanding producer for us and was a top racer for us..

Last Cut lovely young cock from the Cutthroat Hen


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