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Now On !!S,C &T Barber complete Sell out Part 4 of 4 ends Sunday this week.


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June 2019


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2018 Pairings
Group1 Lofts Distance Lines
Our stock from this family are based on many top SAHPA lofts including Allen Goodger, John Pryor, Greg Hamilton, Jim Marafiote and Jack Hicks
Pictures of our Group 1 Distance Stock with full pedigrees available

All Alone
Magic Princess
Vintage Blue
Red Rock
The Goods
Pretty 15
Sparkling Shiraz
Princess Cut
Jumping Jack
Hard Nut
Imperial Force
Double Dark
First Chance
Pretty 35
Marathon Man


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Group 1 Lofts Distance Lines
Pairings 2018/19

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Janssen & Van Loon Family

Leo Heremans Pictures of our Stock

Harry Pedigree
Sally Pedigree
Amelia Pedigree
Roy Pedigree
Janice Pedigree
Erin Pedigree
Master Luke
Double Trouble


Leo Heremans
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Gaby Vandenabeele
Pictures of our stock
Prince Kadet
Mr Consistent
Double Dip

Gaby Vandenabeele
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Photo Gallery
View some of the champion birds which are directly related to our stock.

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Goldmine Cock

pryor ref a
goodger 53 x 60
power of one hen
pryor ref c
pryor ref e
 pryor 1st coob
pryor 1st alice 90
pryor 1st alice 84
pryor 1st benalla
pryor 1st emmdale
pryor 1st coleamb
pryor 2nd coleamb
paterson 1st tem
pryor lot 128
pryor eyes
pryor lot 1
pretty hen
paterson hen
son1st coleambally

vintage crop

The Goodger Story
By John Capel
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Long Distance Superstar
By Tim Fawcett
Australian Racing Pigeon
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At Group 1 lofts we have sourced the best stock available from around the world and around our country  to obtain superior winning bloodlines. We race in the strong SAHPA competition and have achieved many top results over the past two decades.

Our Bloodlines include the following premium lines: Leo Heremans with 10 direct imported birds responsible already for top prizes
within the strong SAHPA Competition, The Group 1 Distance lines based on  The Allen Goodger/John Pryor & Greg Hamilton families all names synonomous with success in the strong SAHPA competition. The famous Janssen and Van Loon families with many super performers in competition around Australia and our Euro Performance collection with  famous Euro lines of Gaby Vandenabeele and Houben that have been and are currently winning across Australia and the globe. 

Disclaimer from Group 1 Lofts & Pigeonsales Australia:  As most fanciers would be aware Australia has experienced an endemic with Pigeon Rota Virus across every state in Australia in the past 18 months.  Whilst we take every care and responsibility when selling birds of our own or as the agent on behalf of others we cannot accept any liability that may arise following sales as there is no current vaccine or treatment to prevent this.  NEW 2018 PAIRINGS BEING UPDATED, SEE PRICE LISTS and PEDIGREES ON SIDE OF PAGE!!

Now On !!
and Ends Sunday 18th November-Part 4 of 4 S, C & T Barber complete sell out of this good SAHPA loft. All birds on offer, some top stock including Koopman lines, Pryor/Goodger, Andrewartha and Pape/Webber. Some top performed and top producing birds on offer in this complete sale of just under 80 birds. Many top birds in Part 4 including the top producing Van Loon cock via G Hamilton, more top children of 490 BBC etc.

Lot 1: SA 11 23868 BBH-Koopman. Miss Koopy. Daughter of top producing Koopman cock 490 sold in sale 2 for $4051. Dam is top producing Van Dyck/Koopman Gisele original G Hamilton from top imported stock.  Pedigree>>

Lot 2: SA 16 22065 BCH-Van Loon/Koopman. 20th SAHPA LDC Marree Sires Produce 586 km 2017. Sire is top Van Loon producer via G Hamilton (see lot 18). Dam is top Koopman hen from son of 490 (see lot 12).  Pedigree>>

Lot 3:  SA 12 16860 BCPH-Half sister to 3rd SAHPA Border Village. Dam of 8th SAHPA The Twins Open 2016 640 km. Sire is top Pape Webber cock via G Hamilton.  Dam is top hen from S Roberts all top Goodger lines and top breeder.  Pedigree>>

Lot 4: SA 13 6635 BCH-Sire is top John Henry cock (Wbool cock) sold in Sale 3, all top hard day lines and top producer. Dam is Lot 3 16860 BCPH all top Goodger lines.  Pedigree>>

Lot 5:  SA 17 23625 BCH-Bred to fly Alice in 2019.  Sire is Tim, original Tim Buxton cock who has been a good producer. Dam is Turts, flown Alice Springs 3 times and dam of 2 SAHPA places.  Pedigree>>

Lot 6:  SA 16 22104 BBH-63rd SAHPA Holbrook 2018 815 km only 73 birds home by end of day 2. Sire is 6662 top racer and breeder for Stewart. Dam is top hen bred by top SAHPA hard day flyer Mark Bruggemann.  Pedigree>>

Lot 7:  SA 16 22055 BBH-Flown Border Village 2018 1000 km.  Sire is top Pape Webber cock 2438 sold in Sale 3 and top producer. Dam was 8th SAHPA LDC Alice Springs top hen who died with Rota Virus.  Pedigree>>

Lot 8:  SA 15 23730 BBH-22nd SAHPA LDC Border Village 2018 1000 km.  Sire is 6662 top racer and breeder of long distance birds. Dam is a G/dtr of top cock Black Eye (see Lot 13 this sale).  Pedigree>>

Lot 9:  SA 17 23638 BBH-Sire is top cock Ruben, full brother to the sire of 1st SAHPA CooberPedy, bred from top producing Pape Webber cock & Melrose (sister to Grange). Dam is top hen from top SAHPA hard day flyer Mark Bruggemann who has been an outstanding producer.  Pedigree>>

Lot 10:  SA 16 22109 BCH-Sire is direct son of top producer the Holbrook cock who sold for $1000 in sale 1.  Dam is 23511 MLYH daughter of Melrose Top producing sister to Grange.  Pedigree>>

Lot 11:  SA 14 30506 RGRZH. 17th SAHPA LDC Gunning 986 km, 34th SAHPA Morundah 715 km top hen.  Sire is Double G/son of Grange & Goldmine cock.  Dam is top producing hen via Dennis Russell. Real good tough day hen.  Pedigree>>

Lot 12: SA 13 6688 BCH-Koopman. Bred for stock. Sister to 1st club 6th SAHPA Open Hawker. Dam of 20th SAHPA Marree Sires Produce, 45th SAHPA LDC ALice Springs 1335 km etc, Sister is also a top producer of multiple winners and SAHPA places.  Sire is 23866 BBC top producing son of 490 BBC top Koopman cock, Dam is good producer from Warren March a daughter to his No 1 Koopman pair.  Pedigree>>

Lot 13:  SA 11 23862 RCC-Black Eye.  sire of 23rd SAHPA Marree Sires Produce 2017, nest mate to G/dam of 3rd SAHPA LDC Alice Springs 1335 km. Sire is top producer for Bronte Andrewartha 17114 BCC-Sire of 14 SAHPA places in the top 30 and G/sire of 3x1st SAHPA from Alice Springs, Deniliquin & Moulamein. Dam is Melrose, top producing sister to Grange, Melrose is G/dam of 1st SAHPA CooberPedy, 2nd & 3rd SAHPA LDC Alice Springs. Pedigree>>

Lot 14:  SA 12 16340 BCC-Son of top breeder Pierre. Sire is son of top producing Pape/webber/Pryor cock 2438 sold in Sale 3, Dam is top producing Van Dyck Koopman hen Pierre, sold in Sale 2 bred by G Hamilton from top imported stock.  Pedigree>>

Lot 15:  SA 16 22072 BGRZC-OUtstanding race cock was 1st club & Sth Fed 2nd SAHPA LDC Cooberpedy Cock Special 771 km 2017, 1st club 3rd Fed 12th SAHPA Mt Willoughby 917 km 2017, top distance cock. Sire is from Dennis Russell being a G/son of outstanding distance hen Grange.  Dam is top producing hen from Dennis Russell.  Pedigree>>

Lot 16;  SA 16 22042 BCC-Bred for stock. Sire is from Bronte Andrewartha, being from top race pair with dam being 3xSAHPA placed in the first 30 and sister to 1st SAHPA LDC Canberra, 2nd SAHPA Cooberpedy etc. Dam is top Goodger hen via Stan Roberts who is dam of 3rd SAHPA LDC Border Village. Top distance lines.  Pedigree>>

Lot 17:  SA 14 30445 BCPC-25th SAHPA LDC Gunning 986 km 2015. Sire is top producing Pape/Webber/Pryor 2438 RCC sold in Sale 3, Dam is original D&B Cunningham hen related to many top distance winners for them and also related to Grange.  Pedigree>>

Lot 18: AUST 10 21890 BBC-Original G Hamilton, outstanding producing Van Loon cock. Sire of 20th SAHPA Marla 996 km, 20th SAAPA Marree Sires Produce 586 km, 1st club 3rd Sth Fed 9th SAHPA LDC CooberPedy cock special, 12th SAHPA SRC Terang Sires Produce 2018, 31st SAHPA Glendabmo YBC 2018 etc. Sire is Super Van Loon top producing son of ace cock Gilchrist.  Dam is Dewdrop top producing hen from the Lucifer x Lucinda lines.  Outstanding cock.  Pedigree>>


Some of our home g
rown winning stock at Group 1 Lofts-Coming soon are our 2018/19 pairing lists.
All  Hens below are all winners and have been placed in the first 4 positions in the SAHPA Open Competition for us..

All of our stock at Group 1 Lofts are tested throughout Australia at various top fanciers lofts in some of the strongest Associations and Federations in our country.


For enquiries contact Tim Fawcett Ph 0400 400 324
All birds come with a computer generated pedigree and a satisfaction guarantee.
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