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August 2016

West Torrens Club SAHPA Fundraiser Auction

September 2016

Hyde Park-SAHPA Fundraiser sale

Broken Hill & Barrier Homing Society Fundraiser sale

Greg Jack-Newcastle Part 2 Stock & Race Tested birds for sale

Salisbury Club SAHPA Fundraiser auction sale

October 2016

Fred Dimella top SAHPA Flyer Stock birds for sale

SAHPA Top 30 Flyers Fundraiser sale

Lee Abbott & Bronte Andrewartha top SAHPA flyers combined stock sale

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2016 Pairings

Group1 Lofts Distance Lines
Our stock from this family are based on many top SAHPA lofts including Allen Goodger, John Pryor, Greg Hamilton, Jim Marafiote and Jimmy Cox
Pictures of our Group 1 Distance Stock with full pedigrees available

All Alone
Vintage Crop
Precious Gem
Goldmine 50
Fabio 1
Blue Blood
Goldmine Shiraz
Magic Princess
St Hugo
Crown Jewels
Eucla Boy
Pretty 95
Hope Diamond
Young Gun
Pied Diamond
Magic Pied
Original Sin
Lincoln 49
Blood Diamond
Vintage Blue
Red Rock
Outback Lass
Pure Gold

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Group 1 Lofts Distance Lines
Pairings 2016

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Janssen & Van Loon Family

Leo Heremans
Pictures of our Stock
Updated NEW!!
Harry Pedigree
Sally Pedigree
Amelia Pedigree
Erin Pedigree
Master Luke
Bens Brother
Rossi 39
Black Type
Leo Heremans
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Gaby Vandenabeele
Pictures of our stock
Zeus   ped>>
Pandora  ped>>
Troy  ped>>
Medusa  ped>>
Leonidas  ped>>
Hera  ped>>
Bliksem Boy
Myrtle 53
Prince Kadet
Mr Consistent
Pep Talk
Kadet 91
Kadet 06
Double Dip
"Links Not Avail"
Gaby Vandenabeele
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Euro Performance
2016 pairings
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Gerard Koopman
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Photo Gallery
View some of the champion birds which are directly related to our stock.

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Goldmine Cock

pryor ref a
goodger 53 x 60
power of one hen
pryor ref c
pryor ref e
 pryor 1st coob
pryor 1st alice 90
pryor 1st alice 84
pryor 1st benalla
pryor 1st emmdale
pryor 1st coleamb
pryor 2nd coleamb
paterson 1st tem
pryor lot 128
pryor eyes
pryor lot 1
la prima vera
mister bond
mr flits
pretty hen
paterson hen
son1st coleambally

The Goodger Story
By John Capel
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Long Distance Superstar
By Tim Fawcett
Australian Racing Pigeon
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At Group 1 Lofts we use and recommend Benzing ETS systems
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At Group 1 lofts we have sourced the best stock available from around the world and around our country  to obtain superior winning bloodlines. We race in the SAHPA, our partners race within Sydney's strong Central Cumberland Federation.

Our Bloodlines include the following premium lines:  The Allen Goodger/John Pryor & Greg Hamilton families all names synonomous with success in the strong SAHPA competition. The famous Janssen and Van Loon families with many super performers in competition around Australia and our Euro Performance collection with many other famous Euro lines that have been and are currently winning across Australia and the globe. 

Welcome to our website enjoy your visit and we hope we can assist you in anyway.
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New In The Webshop this week Sale of Race birds of "Underdown & Holmes" top SAHPA fanciers. See the webshop icon on the left.
-On Now & Ends Sunday 4th SeptemberWest Torrens/Woodville Club SAHPA Fundraiser Auction of young stock birds.  Some top class stock on offer from this strong club within the SAHPA.  Birds are on offer from Peter Burke-6 from his top winning Goodger/Pryor lines, Rolf Goodacre-offers two birds from his champion Koopman family that have won 4 Adelaide PC races and 1st SAHPA The Twins, Alan Harris-a daughter of SAHPA Bird of the Year in 2015, John Kokolakis-a son of 2nd SAHPA Morundah 2015, K&W Markou-a brother to 5 SAHPA places & Jack Hicks-a lovely cock bred from his top I Wareing Godfather family.  High class stock birds.
NB: The sex of young birds cannot be fully guaranteed but has been done to the vendors best ability.

Preview of the Birds :
Lot 1:  SA 14 03819 BBH-Rolf Goodacre.  Outstanding hen bred from 3rd APC(Adelaide Pigeon club) Lyndhurst, who is a full brother ot 1st APC Hawker, Lyndhurst, The Twins 2016 & 1st SAHPA The Twins all Koopman lines from Greg Hamilton's top stock.  Dam was 2nd APC Marla for Rolf and is a granddaughter of the champion producing pair who have bred 3x1st Adelaide PC and 1st SAHPA The Twins, all G Hamilton Koopman lines. Outstanding performance lines.  Pedigree>>
Lot 2: BH 15 1404 BCPH-Peter Burke.  Bred from Peter's top Distance hard day, Pryor/Goodger family.  Sire is 1764 a brother to the sire of All Alone-1st SAHPA Holbrook for Phil Loveridge. Dam is 1766 bred from 1695 the sire of All Alone, these birds are heavily bred around the brother to J Pryor's 1st SAHPA Morundah & The Replacement hen two of Peter's best ever producers. Sire>>  Dam>>

Lot 3:  SA 15 05213 BCPH-Alan Harris.  Goodger/Dangerfield/Busschaert lines.  Bred directly from Alan's champion SAHPA Bird of the year in 2015-this hen gained 5th SAHPA Temora 820 km, 6th SAHPA Morundah 710 km & Deniliquin 580km bred from a Goodger cock & a Dangerfield/Busschaert hen via G Watson.  Sire is from G Watson with similar bloodlines.  Top lines.  Pedigree>>

Lot 4:  BH 15 1408 BBH-Peter Burke, nice latebred hen, Sire is a double grandson of top pair Brother to Morundah winner when paired to the Replacement hen both original J Pryor.  Dam is a sister to sire of All Alone 1st SAHPA Holbrook for P Loveridge in 2013. 
Sire>>  Dam>>

Lot 5:  BH 15 1417 BCPH-Peter Burke. Bred from Peter's hard day/Long distance family. Sire is a full brother to the sire of 1st SAHPA Holbrook for P Loveridge.  Dam is bred from 1695 the sire of All Alone-1st SAHPA Holbrook, making her a half sister.Dam>>   Sire>>

Lot 6:  SA 15 05680 BCC-K&W Markou. Full brother to 5 SAHPA placings for Bill & Kos.  Sire is from R Hocking and is all Marchant & Goodger lines down from R&B Seedsmans birds. Dam is all their Marchant & Gus Nelsen family that have been responsible for numerous SAHPA wins for the partnership.  Pedigree>>

Lot 7:  BH 15 1410 BBC-Peter Burke.  Sire is a double grandson of top Pryor pair Brother to Morundah winner and the Replacement hen, Dam is a sister to the sire of All Alone-1st SAHPA Holbrook.  Top hard day/distance lines.  Sire>>  Dam>>

Lot 8:  SA 14 03886 RCC-Jack Hicks. Lovely cock bird who flew Marla 600 miles in 2015 & Cooberpedy 500 miles in 2015. He is bred from Jack's top family of distance birds who descend down from the late Ivan Wareing's Godfather family.  They are fantastic hard day/distance birds.  Pedigree>>

Lot 9:  BH 13 0675 BBC (old ring bred 2015).  Peter Burke.  Bred from two of Peter's top producers a brother & sister pairing for stock. He is a double grandson of a full brother to J Pryor's 1st SAHPA Morundah Ref C, when paired to champion hen the Replacement hen also from the late J Pryor.  Pedigree>>

Lot 10: SA 15 19468 BBC-John Kokolakis.  Direct son of John's 2nd SAHPA Morundah 710 km in 2015 from Janssen & Goodger lines being a grandson of the Freak Hen one of John's top breeders.  Dam is a sister to 16th SAHPA Marla 970 km all Janssen/Van Loon & Goodger lines. Pedigree>>

Lot 11:  BH 15 1420 BBC-Peter Burke.  Bred from Peter's top hard day/distance lines.  Sire is a brother to the sire of 1st SAHPA Holbrook for P Loveridge.  Dam is bred from the sire of 1st SAHPA Holbrook, making her a half sister to All Alone.  Sire>>  Dam>>

Lot 12:  SA 16 XXXXX.  Donated by Group 1 lofts. x1 Squeaker to be bred Sex Unknown.  From Group 1 Pair 26. Sire is young stock cock "Montgomery" a direct son of ace producer "Jaffa" when paired to "All Alone" 1st SAHPA Holbrook.  Dam is Radcliffe a young stock hen bred from ace breeder Goldmine Shiraz (Goldmine x Grange) when paired to K&K Watson's 1st SAHPA LDC Alice Springs. Making this baby a grandchild of two SAHPA winners from the distance (Holbrook & Alice Springs).  Pedigree>>

Lot 13:  SA 15 05888 BBC-Rolf Goodacre.  All Koopman Lines.  Rolf has kindly donated a full brother to 3x1st Adelaide Pigeon Club from Hawker, Lyndhurst & The Twins 2016 & Also 1st SAHPA The Twins 610 km.  His sire is a nestmate brother to G Hamilton champion Koopman lines hen "Ermerdream".  Dam is also from G Hamilton and is the dam of 3x1st APC & 1st SAHPA The Twins and this pair are also grandparents of 2x1st Adelaide PC, this hen is bred from imported birds Kleine Gerard & New Delight.  Outstanding performance lines.  Pedigree>>

AT GROUP 1 LOFTS WE'VE HIT THE "JACKPOT" with Two Magnificent Grandchildren of the world Famous Leo Heremans Breeder of Hans Eijerkamp "Jackpot" arriving to our lofts.  "Harry" & "Sally" are bred from Jackpot Junior-Full brother to champion hen Olympic Vivian, when paired to Canberra-Dtr of Rossi & New Olympic Leo. Making these two lovely birds a brother & sister to Champion racer for The Eijerkamp family called "Avery" (see picture & Details below)

Also entering our breeding lofts in the Heremans pairings are "Amelia" & "Erin" Two magnficent Leo Heremans hens. Amelia will be paired to "Harry" and she is a G/dtr of the world famous Euro & Rossi Junior.  Erin is from a top pairing at Premier Lofts in the UK & a full sister to multiple prizewinning birds, she will be paired to William-1st Bill Walford 10000 race. 

William is bred from top pair "Lachlan" & "Samantha"- Lachlan is a magnificent imported Grandson of the world famous Nieuwe Olympiade & Samantha is from Ponderosa Australia top pair Sam 11 & Jooza.  They have bred two x1st prize winners and 4th & 12th in SAHPA races in their first two breeding seasons.

Angus is full brother to Lachlan & is currently paired to Monique top producing hen from Ponderosa Australia..

Master Luke is a top producing Son of Olympus, he is Grandsire of 1st & 3rd in SAHPA & GMPF in 2015 & 2016.  He will be paired to "Verdi" this year a daughter of the top Lot 6 MV lofts cock known as "The Syndicate Cock"

Ben is a top producing Heremans cock having sired Equal 1st Fed & 4th Fed amongst other top places, he is also G/sire of winners in two states, he will be paired to Desire-dam of 1st SAHPA Open Stirling North in 2015.

New pairings & price list out now!!

  All of our stock at Group 1 Lofts are tested throughout Australia at various top fanciers lofts in some of the strongest Associations and Federations in our country.


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All birds come with a computer generated pedigree and a satisfaction guarantee.
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